Hello and welcome to my new blog soon to be filled with tutorials for my Silhouette projects. I am so glad you have stopped by. Hopefully, this blog will be helpful to you. I have lots of projects to add so this is just the beginning!

About this blog:

This blog has been created to share with you step-by-step tutorials on how to assemble the various Silhouette projects I have designed and are available through the Silhouette online store.

I first got my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine as a birthday gift in November of 2012. I created one flat cutting file from a snowflake pattern in the free files that come with the machine. I then did one lettering project and immediately moved on to creating my own 3-D designs. Right from the start I saw this tool as something to help in creating 3-D paper projects. And I have been creating them ever since.

The format implemented by Silhouette doesn't allow for extensive instructions. Although none of my files are particularly complicated, it is much easier to assemble them with some added instructions. That is the purpose of this blog, to expand the instructions.

I will be starting with 3-D projects but not limiting myself to only that genre. I'll go where the inspiration leads me! Anything is possible.


Because this is a blog, posts are always most recent first. That is a confusing way to locate older posts. Click on the Tutorial Listing button at the top and this will bring you to an alphabetical listing. All posts are listed in alphabetical order matching the name used on the Silhouette file.  This should help you in quickly locating the tutorial you are interested in finding.

Silhouette Files:

Each of these tutorials is designed to go with a project available from the Silhouette online store. I have provided a link to the file within each file ( Note link will not be provided until the file is active at the online store. If you see XXXX there, it means I am waiting for it to be come active so I can create the link.)

Silhouette limits my design sharing to 10 per week so I'll be starting slowly. Drop back regularly to see what's new! Or better yet, sign up for the eMail list. You will automatically get notified when I post a new tutorial.


I am relatively new to using the Silhouette and completely new to being a contributing artist for Silhouette. If you have any feed back that you would like to provide about my designs, the tutorials, or using a cutting machine, please send them along. I am always open to learning new things, and improving on what I have already posted.

I'd also love to see your implementations of my files. Send a photo!


Most of all, enjoy creating and sharing.


If you like my style, visit my other blog - Ashbee Design. It is all about living creatively with a heavy dose of DIY. Love to have you follow and share.


  1. Hi Marji,

    I just found your blog today so I haven't made any of your projects yet. But you can be sure I will soon. I will probably start with your 3d Ledge Village Haunted House.

    When I looked at your Shadow Box creations it reminded me of a project I tried to do years ago, pre Silhouette days. I wanted to make a shadow box nativity scene but I am not an artist and didn't get very far. A 3d Ledge nativity would also be great in my mind. Are these two projects something you would be interested in creating? I am sure I would be interested in purchasing them if you did.

    Thanks, Janet J

  2. I have just purchased the 3D tealight village church,the file has arrived on my cumputer with the pieces overlapped.how do i separate them

  3. Hi just found your site and love your files, unfortunately I do not own a silhouette, but my machine cuts SVG. Is there a chance you can offer your files in this format.

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