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Changes are happening here at Ashbee Design. I have been selling my cutting files through the Silhouette Online Store for almost a year now and I will continue to do so. But I am also offering those designs through my new website 3DCuts.com.  People that use other cutting machines have been asking for my files for a long time and I need a different mechanism for reaching them.

Moving to http://www.3dcuts.com

What this means to this site:
Here I have the tutorials for all my Silhouette files before April, 2014. This site will stay open because those files all have links in the Silhouette Store to these tutorials. And many of you have pinned these as well.

But from April 1, 2014 on all my new tutorials will be on the 3Dcuts.com site here. And the links in the Silhouette Store for those projects will take you directly there. Those files will start with the Alphabet Shape Shadow Boxes.

The Silhouette Store has a very restrictive pricing policy. My new website has much more flexibility and I can offer groups of products for reduced rates. Visit and check it out! Understand that I do not sell .studio files from my new website. I sell .svg, .pdf, and .dxf files there. But your Silhouette Designer Edition Software can use the .svg files.

We can continue to craft together, just from a new place!

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