Cottage Box with Lid

Project Description: 
A new crafter asked if I might apply some of my tutorial ability and simple house style to a house box with an opening roof. Here it is! Simple, easy to make, easy to vary and it opens!

This little cottage can pop its lid!


3d Cottage Box Tutorial:

Note: I am a new Silhouette Contributing Artist. Both my Silhouette files and this website are the beginning. Send along any suggestions, problems, ideas or photos as we learn to create together. I'd love to hear from you!  Marji Roy
eMail: ashbeedesignemail@gmail.com
Tutorial assembled using Silhouette Software Release 2.7.18. This tutorial assumes you already know how to use the Silhouette and Silhouette software.

Supplies Needed:

  • Template from Silhouette On-Line Store here.
  • Glue dots 3/16"
  • Scotch Tape (optional)
  • Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
  • Card Stock

Steps for completing the 3-D Cottage Box project:

1. Download the cutting file for your Silhouette Cutting machine from the Silhouette Online Store here.

2. Prepare and cut the file.
  • Each piece needs to be copied and pasted into a new separate file.
  • The box interior and roof/ cover interior should be of the same color so that you see the same color inside all windows.
  • Each piece will fit onto an 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock so no re-sizing will be necessary for the Portrait cutting machine.
  • Use card stock. Cut settings will depend on your card stock thickness. I used speed of 3, depth of 33 and blade set at 3. Cut all pieces.
  • Here are the cut shapes for both the top and bottom of the house.

3. Fold and assemble the main house piece - the one with the windows cut out.
  • Note each cut file has dotted cut lines. These are fold lines. 
  • Fold all the tabs and sides of the house up and in.

  • Using glue dots, glue the tabs at each corner in place.

  • Be careful to keep things square.

  • The main house part together.......

  • Fold all the dotted lines on the house interior piece.

  • Glue all four corners together. You can use glue dots or scotch tape. These seams won't be visible.

  • The inner box is slightly smaller than the house and should slide ( with a little careful coaxing) into the house.
  • This will fill the windows so the box can be used as a container.

4. Now assemble the roof.
  • Fold on all the dotted lines. Everything again folds inward in the same direction.

  • Start assembly by using glue dots to assemble one gable end.
  • You will need a glue dot on the little tab that connects the side walls.
  • Then add glue dots to the tab for the roof.

  • Keep the corner square.

  • Glue up the diagonal on the connected side.

  • Glue the front side wall.
  • And then glue down the roof along the front diagonal.

  • Now glue together the back side on the other gable end.

  • The final step for this pieces is to glue the final diagonal and the front edge at the same time.
  • Put glue dots on both and move into position before pressing.
  • Hint - I used a nail file and inserted it in from the end to help seal the front seam.

  • Fold the roof cover in half along the dotted fold line.

  • Add glue dots to the roof and glue it on to the roof base.

  • The roof piece is slightly smaller than the lower house so it should slide in.
  • If tight, you can crunch the bottom corners of the roof slightly.

And your Cottage Box is complete ready to be filled with something yummy!

© 2013 Marji Roy, Ashbee Design