Ledge Village Haunted Mansion Part 2

Part 2 of tutorial for Haunted Mansion: 

Go HERE for Part 1.
Click HERE for instructions on assembling the haunted tree and grave stone.

Steps for completing the Haunted Mansion:

Note: This tutorial is separated into three blog posts because of the number of photographs. This is part 2.

1. Part 1: You should have the mansion and tower assembled and attached to each other before starting this series of steps. Those directions are in Part 1.

2. Attach the porch railings.
  • Fold along all the dotted lines on the porch railing piece. Notice in the picture that I have folded the tabs on the top in different directions.
  • Note: I added a tab to the end of the railing bottom. This will extend out and can be glued to the bottom of the tower. It will add more strength to the structure. I did this after the photo session so it isn't shown below.

  • The porch railing is glued to the bottom of the porch floor. It wraps up and around the porch. Put glue dots along the front of the porch bottom and attach the railing piece there.

  • Here is a view of the porch in place without the roof.

  • Fold on all the porch roof fold lines. They all go down. The roof will wrap around the house.

  • There is a long tab on the back side of the roof that folds down and gets glued to the front wall of the mansion.
  • There is a shorter tab that gets glued to the side wall.
  • Glue those in place and slant the roof down to meet the top of the railing piece.

  • There are two tabs on the top of the railing piece that were folded forward. Those you still have access to. Put a glue dot on each and glue the porch roof down in front.

  • The back corner of the black porch roof wraps around back and forms a tab to glue in place there as well.

  • Fold the top roof piece along the fold line and fit onto the roof. The straight edge goes toward the back. The shorter side goes toward the tower. Glue this in place.

  • The roof is slit in 3 areas. Bend down the slits to create the appearance of hanging lumber in each of the 3 places. (one on each roof area).
  • The haunted mansion is now assembled. If you downloaded the haunted tree, fence and grave stone file you can proceed to those directions below.

Continue on to Part 3:

I am separating this tutorial into three blog posts because of the number of pictures.
Click HERE for instructions on assembling the haunted tree and grave stone.

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  1. I finished my tower house. I had a few issues, like my tower is on the left side!! LOL Not sure how I did that. I think I got the front & back of the paper wrong. My porch roof was to long, so I gave it a trim, & of course now it is to short. And my door wont open cus the porch is in the way. This sounds like my real house. Thanks for such a cute pattern, even though I messed it up, it is an adorable lil house.

    1. Robin, Glad you were creative enough to be flexible! The Tower is on the left side because you used double sided paper and it is easy to mix up front and back ( and doesn't matter at all as long as you stay consistent). Not sure what happened with the porch but notice my door swings inside - that way it doesn't bump the porch. I once visited in a real house where the porch door swung out and it hit the porch ceiling every time. Extremely annoying!

  2. That tower house realllllly tried my patience ! My roof piece was too long as well, I had to trim the short end off by about a quarter of an inch. I'm glad I did the other houses before I did that one, I wouldn't have gone on lol. Love your work, and thank you for these tutorials :)